Making A Little Extra Income - Commercialization Of The Internet

Posted on: 18 February 2021

For most middle-aged people, it is easy to remember a time when there was not only no internet but there were also very few personal computers and certainly no cell phones. At that time, it was difficult to imagine a network where practically everyone on the planet can be connected to everyone else and controlled from the palm of their hand.

Over a relatively short time period, this network was not only created but has grown to include applications in nearly every aspect of daily life. With the development of this connection, opportunity has arisen. Entrepreneurial minds around the world quickly identified that this platform provided a source of customers and revenue never before available. This commercialization of the internet has taken different forms as the network has developed. 

Direct Marketing - With the ability to now immediately reach a worldwide market, both large and small retailers now have the ability to market their products and services to an infinitely larger client base. Where a very small producer used to be able to open a little hometown shop to sell to a few neighbors, they can now market on a website and virtually sell to almost everyone on the planet at the same time. At the same time, large retailers can offer their customers much more convenient access to their products and services. 

Paid Advertising - Not wanting to be left out of the earning potential of the internet, entrepreneurs without products also sought ways to monetize this new network. Programs were quickly developed that allowed these individuals to passively advertise for others on their websites. By simply allowing ads to show on their page, they would be paid a small fee whenever a potential customer would view the ad and then proceed to the retailer's site.

Affiliate Marketing - While the passive posting of randomly generated ads helped create revenue, it soon became clear that actual agreements between retailers and online advertisers which allowed marketing of those specific retailers in exchange for a percentage of generated sales proved to be much more lucrative for both parties. Retailers could benefit by reducing large-scale marketing budgets, while the advertisers could build networks of residual income.

As the internet and its platforms continue to develop, there will be no limit to the creativity that entrepreneurial minds will use to find new and better ways to use the network to make a little extra income.