Thinking About Enrolling In Accounting School? 3 Things To Know

Posted on: 29 September 2018

Feeling trapped is common among those who find themselves struggling financially in a job that offers little room for advancement or higher pay. Often, those trapped in this type of situation will be unable to consider quitting and going back to school full-time to qualify for a better job.

A better choice is often to take specific classes designed to increase your skill set and make you more employable. For those who enjoy working with numbers, enrolling in accounting school can be an excellent way to combine your interests and strengths for the purpose of enjoying a more lucrative, satisfying career. If you are considering enrollment in an accounting school, here are three things you should know. 

Accounting degrees qualify graduates for many interesting career paths

While it is true that all accountants work with numbers, the ways in which they do so can vary widely. In fact, holding an accounting degree can offer many differing career paths, including specializations in:

  • tax accounting
  • forensic accounting
  • auditing
  • public accounting 
  • government accounting

Properly accredited accountants will be able to pursue one or more of these areas of accounting through work for a private accounting firm, corporation, company, governmental agency, or by opening their own accounting business. 

The accounting field is in growth mode

According to recent data, the need for properly educated and accredited accountants is expected to grow as much as 10 percent through 2026, which is an above-average growth rate, as compared with many other occupations. During the first five years of their career, an accountant can expect to be making an average of $56,000 per year, with significant raises in income throughout their career.

Technology is changing accounting in a positive manner

Accounting work was once performed primarily with a sharpened pencil and a paper ledger. Over the years, adding machines and then computers have made many changes in the way accounting tasks are handled.

Improvements in computer programs, apps, and other technology will continue to change and improve the field of accounting for both those performing the work and for the customers and clients who benefit from it. Industry experts are forecasting that improved technology in the accounting field will soon take over most of the menial accounting tasks, freeing up accountants to move into more challenging and lucrative roles, such as consulting and advisory positions. 

To learn more about accounting as a career, consider making an appointment to meet with the admissions department of an accredited accounting school near you.