Why Private Schools Are a Better Option Than Charter Schools

Posted on: 16 July 2018

When looking for a private school for the first time, you might be factoring in the differences between the various private and charter schools in your area. However, it is important to understand that private schools and charter schools are not the same. There are several distinct differences that might affect your ultimate decision for your child.


Charter schools are still administered by national, state, and local governments. In contrast, private schools are privately owned and have more autonomy. If you believe in small governments or do not want the government to be educating your children, you might prefer a private school over a charter school.


Private schools tend to have a more in-depth selection process than public schools. For example, a private school will often require an interview and an entrance exam. This will allow the private school to control the atmosphere of the school and admit students who are at their desired level of academic development.

While there are some challenges when getting your child accepted into a private school, there are also some areas where it is actually easier to get your child accepted into a private school. Many public schools require that you live in a certain district and may have other selection requirements.


On the federal level, private schools do not have to follow federal standards, which is great for parents who do not agree with the federal standards. However, they are still held up to state standards.


One of the greatest strengths of private schools is the flexibility in the curriculum. Charter schools also have some curriculum flexibility, but they must follow a performance contract. The flexibility of the curriculum is useful for parents who want to include religious instruction as a part of the child's education. 

While the majority of private schools are parochial schools, which means that the primary focus is on religious education, there is a growing number of for-profit private schools. These schools are primarily focused on generating a profit, and many are not affiliated with a specific religion. 


 Some parents may wonder about the quality of private school teachers given that they are not held to the same requirements as public and charter school teachers. However, private schools often have even higher standards for their teachers, and the higher salaries of private school teachers tend to lead to the school attracting better teachers overall. For this reason, a private school is often a better option than a charter school.

Take a look at some private schools in your area to learn about the education benefits they can offer your child that a public or charter school couldn't.