Three Ways That Speed Can Help You In Three Sports

Posted on: 26 April 2018

If you're a parent of a young athlete, it's important to encourage your child to get feedback from his or her coaches throughout the season and at its conclusion. One common bit of advice that many young athletes get is to get faster. This might seem like something that is more easily said than done, but the answer might be closer than you think. A variety of programs at your local sports training academy focus on speed. Strength training, drills, and fun activities can all help young athletes to get faster, allowing them to excel in their chosen sports. Here are some ways that speed can be an asset in three common sports.


If your child plays soccer, he or she will be able to benefit from improved speed. This is a game that requires its stars to have bursts of speed to excel. Even if players are jogging or walking part of the time, a player needs to be able to blast into a full run when he or she gets the ball or has an opportunity to catch a defender. Additionally, a player in the offensive zone will need to be quick to get back to the other side of the field when a transition in the game occurs. By being fast, your young athlete will have more opportunities to score, set up plays, and be a solid teammate.


Baseball is another sport that involves quick bursts of speed. Speed helps virtually every player at different points in the game. A faster infielder has a better chance of making it to a ground ball, while an outfielder can track down a ball faster to prevent the runner from advancing. On the offensive side, a quick player can leg out a base hit instead of being thrown out at first, steal second base with ease, and perhaps even score a run from second base on a routine single.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey players need to be fast. Because shifts are short, players are expected to skate all-out for much of each shift. A player who struggles to keep up with the play can find himself or herself out of position on offense and defense, which can lead to missed scoring chances and defensive blunders, which could result in diminished ice time. The power and strength that your child develops during sports training academy programming can augment your child's speed to help him or her succeed and have more fun.

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