3 Tips To Succeed With Distance Learning

Posted on: 26 October 2017

Different formats of distance learning and online classes have made it possible for students living in remote areas or those with family or work responsibilities to have an opportunity to pursue a college education. If you are considering a distance learning format, knowing what to expect can help you succeed.

Be Self-Motivating

If you think taking your classes remotely will make college easier, you may face setbacks on your path to being a college graduate. Most formats for distance learning have no set class time and the lack of supervision can make you tempted to skip lectures and fall behind in your reading a coursework. If you have a difficult time staying motivated when you are not required to attend class and are frequently tested on the material, you may not be the ideal candidate for distance learning. Some colleges offer hybrid courses where students attend class at a designated time, but the course is broadcast via satellite to remote locations. A hybrid environment can be a better option because it provides you more flexibility in your education, especially if you do not live near a college, while having more opportunities to interact with the professor at a designated time.

Know Your Learning Style

Everyone has different ways of learning, which can make distance learning harder for some people. In a traditional classroom setting, you may flourish because you have the opportunity to see what the professor writes, hear what they say, and take your own notes. Since many of these elements may not be available in a standard online course, you will need to find the best route for retaining information. Do not overlook resources that may be available online. For example, some people may struggle with reading comprehension and they understand material better when they are listening. If you have a virtual copy of your textbook or other assigned reading, using a text-to-speech program could make it easier to comprehend the material. Do not be afraid to utilize other textbooks beyond the one assigned by your instructor. You might find another text explains the same information in an easier to understand way or have better images.

Stay Ahead

One of the best aspects about distance learning is many students can learn at their own pace, which can prevent you from becoming bored. A typical online course might outline the chapters covered each week and have set test dates where you take the test online or at a testing center. Since you can continue on to the next chapters when you finish the previous information, it is often easier to give yourself adequate time to absorb the material. Since many people who utilize distance education have other responsibilities, it is always important to move on to the next chapters when you have the opportunity. When your education is reliant on technology, it is critical to have "wiggle room" if there are internet problems or your computer fails.

An online education is an ideal way of pursuing a college education if you believe you have what it takes to stay focused and motivated. Taking responsibility for your own progression in online classes will help you gain the most out of distance learning.