First Grandchild Ready For Preschool? 3 Strategies To Help Your Adult Child Find The Right Program

Posted on: 2 September 2017

You know that things have changed over the years, but the one thing you are sure of regarding child rearing is that the right child care program makes all the difference in a child's future. Now that your grandchild is old enough to benefit from a quality child care program, you are eager to help your adult child find the perfect one. As you prepare to guide your family through this big life event, use these tips to help everyone strike the perfect balance between learning and fun:

Consider the Location

It is important to remember that your grandchild's parents should be able to easily pick up their child and drop them off each day. For many parents, this means looking for a program that is close to home or work. Help your child find programs in their area that are in a prime location that allows everyone to be involved with getting your grandchild to preschool.

Ask About the Curriculum

A quality child care program will often be a little noisy as children explore learning centers individually as well as in small groups. While it may look like the children are playing, each activity should be carefully planned by the teacher to provide kids with learning opportunities. For instance, a child playing with blocks may also be learning how to count as they make a stack, or you may see a child exploring the science behind magnets at a learning table. Ideally, you should be able to see a lesson plan that outlines what the children are learning each day so that you can also work with your grandchild on similar skills when they visit your home.

Take a Tour Together

Preschools offer tours to families who are interested in enrolling their child in the program. While it is easy to simply glance around the rooms, it is important to take a deeper look. Ask your child if you can accompany them to the learning center so that you can be a second set of eyes to watch for signs of a quality program such as the children appearing happy and teachers who are involved with the kids.

While this is a momentous occasion, remember that it is ultimately your child's decision which preschool program they select for your grandchild. However, you can be involved by helping your family identify nearby learning programs that offer everything you would ever want to help stimulate your grandchild's development.