Tips For Creating An Effective Online Training Course For Your Company

Posted on: 1 September 2017

Well-trained employees are one of the keys for a business to be successful. But hiring a team of trainers to provide every moment of training for a new hire can be both time and cost prohibitive. One solution that many companies turn to is developing education games solutions that are used to supplement the training provided by trainers. If your company is considering developing an online training course, use the following tips:

Understand the Skill Set of the Trainees

It is important to think about the position and the skill set of the new hires when developing an online training course. Creating an online training course can require quite a financial investment, so it is best to avoid including information that a new hire may already know. Focus on creating a training course that builds upon the skills that a qualified candidate already has, and include information and procedures that may be unique to your company.

Grab Attention

For an online training course to be effective, it needs to be engaging and grab a person's attention. Make sure that the layout of the training course is easy to follow and incorporate bright colors that attract the eye. It is also important to present information in a way that is easy to take in by reducing a large volume of information into smaller sections that are organized and easy to follow.

Make it Interactive

Most people don't want to just sit in front of a screen and watch a training course. You can make your training course much more information and promote the retention of information by making the training course interactive. use multimedia throughout the training course and have educational games created for your company so you can include them in the training course. While making a training course interactive through the use of multimedia and educational games may cost a bit more, in the long run, doing so can make the training course much more effective.

Space Out Online Training

When designing your company's online training course, make sure that it is made in a way that allows the training to be spaced out if needed. In order to promote retention of the information being presented, it is a good idea to have an employee complete one section online, for example, training on customer service, and then practice what was taught with hands-on training. The new hire can then move on to the next section of the online training course, followed by another session of hands-on training.