Eager To Communicate With Your New Grandbaby? 3 Strategies For Learning ASL

Posted on: 29 August 2017

Getting ready for your grandbaby to arrive is exciting, and you can't wait to start teaching them all of those life lessons that grandparents pass down. You also know that using sign language helps toddlers communicate before they can say their first words. As your child's due date nears, use these tips to increase your ability to learn ASL language quickly:

Find the Right Program

Sign language is more visual than other types of languages, which means that you will need the right type of learning program to help you do the signs correctly. It is also important to understand that there are other types of sign language that people use. Make sure that the program you choose uses visual learning aids such as videos to help you successfully master each sign, and be sure that it is designed to teach ASL rather than another type of signing.

Invite a Friend to Learn Together

It is easier to learn how to do ASL when you have someone else in your life who can help you practice. Ask your child if they would like to participate in learning to sign will also help them communicate with their new baby. Alternatively, you could ask your spouse or best friend. Not only will this help to increase your bond, but you will also have a fun way to communicate in places where it is hard to hear.

Practice Every Chance You Get

Practicing really does help you to perfect your new language skills, and you will find that signing as much as possible helps new vocabulary stick. Since it is always best to speak as you sign, you can practice ASL anytime that you are speaking. Start by creating a schedule for regular practice sessions when you can learn new words and techniques. Then, set reminders throughout the day to remind you to continue using your signs as you talk to your loved ones.

Learning how to use ASL has benefits that extend beyond just talking to your grandbaby. You will also find that it allows you to communicate with a larger group of people who are deaf or dealing with hearing loss. Although learning any new language takes time, you can look forward to easily learning your first few signs within just a lesson or two. By making practice a priority, you can learn ASL well enough to communicate by the time that your grandbaby arrives.

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