Three Licensing Options And Flight Programs You Can Do In Aviation School

Posted on: 17 August 2017

Aviation schools offer a couple of different flight training and licensing programs to those who are interested in learning how to fly. They all depend on how far you want to take your flight career, or if you even want to make it a career at all. Your available options are as follows.

Single Engine License

A single engine aircraft is typically a two- or three-seat plane meant for personal use. If you want to buy your own plane and pilot it as well, this is probably the license and training you want to pursue. It takes about two years, give or take a few months, depending on how quickly you can rack up flight hours.

Twin Engine or Jet Engine License

Most jets have two engines. Other planes that do not have jet engines may also have two plane engines. You can learn to fly either/or or both, if you want. You would have to take extra courses to fly a jet because the engines and potential failures are very different from flying a regular old twin engine plane. You would also have to log several extra hours flying a jet on top of flying a standard twin engine plane if you wanted to learn both and be licensed for both.

However, getting licenses to fly both kinds of twin engine planes means that you could fly some commercial planes. You could also freelance as a private pilot. Some people who are too freaked out about flying a commercial passenger airplane or jumbo jet because of the responsibility and the four engines choose this aviation course instead.

Commercial Airliner or Jumbo Jet/Air Bus Licenses

These licenses are strictly for those who thoroughly intend to fly commercial passenger or cargo planes. It takes the greatest amount of time to complete, but once you are licensed, you can pilot or co-pilot dozens of domestic and international flights. People who really want to travel, receive a hefty salary, and get lots of travel perks from an airline choose to complete these courses and flight hours.

If You Are Interested

Find the nearest aviation school and make contact. Request information on all of the courses and licensing opportunities that your local aviation school offers. If they do not offer the program and license you are interested in, ask if they know what aviation schools offer it, and where the nearest school for that program is located.

For more information, contact establishments like Institute of Aviation at Parkland College.